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A set of questions about Windows operating systems

Task 1

It is crucial to backup any data that is stored on a computer. Emilio has a relatively small business, but a data loss or a hard drive crash would still prove to be disastrous to his business. Emilio's laptop, test machine and family computer are all connected through a LAN in a workgroup configuration so he could use his 4mm DAT drive to backup his data. By connecting the DAT drive to his server and configuring each of his 3 computers accordingly, he could get all data to be saved by default to the DAT drive. Furthermore, he could then configure each of his computers so that he has the option of saving all information (off each of his computers) at once, effectively making it possible to save from a single location (which could be either of the 3 computers) at a particular moment in time. In addition to this, the backing up of data could be conducted either manually, i.e. when Emilio makes the command or at the end of each working day. This will be programmed to occur automatically so that this reduces the hassle of Emilio having to periodically make backups and also in the event of him forgetting to do so. It also has the added advantage that it will be less time consuming for Emilio as it can effectively take place overnight and he will not have to stand there watching.

Task 2

An analysis of Claudio's situation produced the following requirements:

o The printers that are used by Human Resources and the administrators need to be configured so that it is impossible for the production departments to use. Alternatively, users could be prompted to enter a password. This would be achieved by creating a user group called 'accounts.' Members of this user group would then be granted permission to use this printer.

2. In terms of securing the documents that store confidential data on the print servers, password protection needs to be enforced. This would involve generating access rights to employees, giving the most access to the administrators and restricting access to those who perform delegated administrative duties. Each person would be given an individual password which grants them access to whatever is only necessary to them.

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