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Broadband and Broadcasters

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Are program makers being forced to change the way they create and distribute content due to advances in technology and increased demands by viewers?


New technology such as Digital Video Recorders and broadband is greatly affecting how much control viewers have over what, where, and when they watch material. This is having a great impact on how advertisers reach viewers, no longer being able to rely on the traditional 30-second ad spot that has become so routine. As a result, traditional advertising models are threatened, but this is leading to new and perhaps even more effective ways for producers and advertisers to reach consumers.

Ultimately, advertisers will adapt, because they have to, and the networks and other technology that brings content to viewers will have every incentive to work with these advertisers because there is much money at stake for them as well. It is really a symbiotic relationship, at least while the viewing public, at least for now, is unwilling to pay for each program they watch directly. In fact, generations of viewers have become accustomed to some form of advertisements as not only part of their viewing experience, but part of a cultural connection that they might in some ways ultimately resist being without. While there are many changes for the future of the advertising industry, given all factors involved, the general well-being of the industry seems quite healthy and robust.

And finally, though new technology threatens traditional forms of advertising, it is not inconceivable that a new method might actually be more successful than the old. New technology might actually enhance the advertising industry as much as it has allowed consumers the ability to choose. The end of an old model of advertising, whether it comes in the next few years or next few decades, might actually be a good thing for the industry. And as Pesce reminds us, it creates a whole new world of opportunity for a whole new generation of producers and advertisers. Change can be good.

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