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Discuss advertising's ability to support marketing issues

This essay aims to outline and discuss specific issues and concepts related to marketing, in particular the influence that advertising has on branded products and their consumption. This essay uses Advertising and Promotion- Communicating Brands by Chris Hackley as a core theoretical text. Using specific 'branded' products and companies as examples, this essay will examine how the advertising industry supports the marketing trade, and to what extent. Different aspects of the trade will be used in order to highlight the support that advertising provides marketing issues with. These include; new product launches, repositioning, segmentation, targeting and branding as well as the discussion of the new media environment and its influence on the trade.

Branding is a technique used by most companies in order to differentiate their product from the rest. Advertising provides brands with their competitive status and demonstrates product 'significance in social life that reaches beyond mere product consumption' (Hackley, 2005:59). The advertiser therefore, knows the importance of both the consumer and the non-consumer. Most popular brand names have an air of superiority about them and overshadow their competitors and lesser-known products. Slick corporate images can be represented and conveyed through branding and advertising.

Repositioning is another marketing technique used in order to attract new consumers to an already established product. For example, Hackley uses the idea that the consumption of Mars Bars used to be a private pleasure, but after a repositioning campaign, it was given different connotations and alternative ways to consume the product. The slogan 'A Mars a day, helps you work, rest and play' employs the alternative consumptive techniques used in both marketing and advertising. Many products 'teach' you how to use them through advertising whereas the Mars Bar ad campaign allows you to speculate how you (as a consumer) will decide to consume the product yourself.

In conclusion, advertising can be used as a strategic marketing tool and as a persuasive mechanism for consumption, however, without the market research, and statistics the advertisements could easily be misdirected and therefore a failure. In the world of consumption and production, marketing and advertising couldn't survive without each other.

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