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E-procurement Abstract

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This report deals with the effectiveness and benefits of e-procurement with supply chain management techniques towards the business goals. E-procurement in SMEs will be evaluated by analysed using some of the strategies and techniques reviewed during this project. The data used for analysing these techniques will be provided by the BCT company which is a UK based small medium sized (SME) company who supplies construction materials. This data will be used as an evidence to justify any conclusions or recommendations made at the end.

The report starts with the basic introduction on management and e-procurement to build the foundation of the project. This is followed with a background to the case study company, which will be used as a focus for the research as it will be used as a tool for evaluating aforementioned technique. The literature review about the management, e-procurement and ERP techniques especially Supply Chain Management, MM (Material Management), CRM (customer Relation Management) techniques and their usefulness are outlined in the next section. The application of these techniques is analysed to get thorough understanding of how they affect a business and its growth prospects. The next part will throw some light on the research business methodologies and outlines their usefulness towards the growth in terms of capital data. This will be followed up by an evaluation of these techniques in terms of how they have helped the companies in excelling their business and achieving its goals.

The technique used in the e-commerce strategy appears to work very well. The interface design is outstanding especially using the advance functions it proves to be very good Human-Computer Interaction prototype. The use of the window navigational model proved to be very useful as because of the clear idea given by it to design and develop the advance functions as well. These functions as per the results confirm that the model surely gives more meaning and is very easily communicable. The results produced by the interface based on the questionnaire, surveys and usability testing show that it's a very strong, proficient and well-organised model for building the tourism prototype and to achieve full success at the customer end. The strategy developed is seen as an excellent combination of E-commerce technologies for creating a tourism system.

Although the strategy is seen as useful and the design is evaluated to be very interactive and powerful but still good management is needed to maintain the success of the company. Plus, further work can prove to make this system as more solid as useful one.

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