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Evaluation and Moderation

Section 1

Explain the Principles and Purposes of Evaluation

Evaluation No. 4

It has become very important for academic institutions to have an internal moderation system, not only to make sure that the students are receiving value for money, but also to remain competitive in the academic industry. It is also important to have a measurement of how the class is progressing in accordance with the guidelines set out by the school and to make sure that if students are falling behind it is not because the quality of teaching is lower than usual. It is important to have a standardised measurement of the class's progress, as well as an experienced mediator. I have always maintained consistent written records with clear instructions for internal and external assessors. I have always tried to take on board feedback from these assessments and recorded the results for future reference. I have also, when called upon, acted as a moderator for other teacher's classes, and have tried to provide the best possible feedback for both the teacher and the administrators but using standardised assessment sheet. This means that all the classes that I have assessed have the same reference and guidelines for understanding the evaluation.

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