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Imaging Techniques - Investigation and Report

Medical imaging systems provide physicians with a tissue-specific visual representation of otherwise concealed clinical information within the body and hence enable them to perceive and implement unambiguous diagnostic procedures.

This report investigates the clinical applications of Ultrasound and Radioisotopes, explicates the rudimentary physical principles of the techniques and outlines the diagnostic and therapeutic limitations as well as the relevant patient safety aspects.

The difference in affinity of the radioisotope to attach to an unhealthy tissue site and neighbouring healthy site limits the resolution of the image generated which is a diagnostic limitation of the technology. Administering radiation therapy involves side effects which depend on the treatment, dosage, organ and the patient and ranges from minor skin damage, hair loss and infertility to even secondary malignant growth, which limits non-malignant use of radiation therapy (Nieder et al., 2000).

Dedicated research is in progress to improve and make Ultrasound and Radioisotope treatment safer.

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