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Presentation and analysis of Beams test readings. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

The laboratory tests for the beam samples of different proportion of Metakaolin mix was carried out during 12th July to 18th July in the City Campus Concrete Laboratory room. The objective of this project was to understand the effect of different proportion of Metakaolin mix on the bend strength of the concentrate mixs. The samples have been taken out from the water tank after curing for 20 days. The samples were tested after five months of curing due to some unforeseen technical problems. The detailed background of the project has been reported in Table 1-3.

Results for 20 % Metakaolin:

Two different beam samples of 700 mm length, 100 mm width, and 150 mm height have been produced by compaction mechanisms by using a concrete mix containing 20 % Metakaolin. The composition of the mix has been reported in Table 2. The weight of each beam was approximately 25.65 kg. The 20% Meakeoline sample was containing approximately 0.137091 wt % glass fibre. The two beams, containing 20 % Metakaolin, are named as Beam 1 and Beam 2. Each of the beams have under gone bending test where the load has been applied from the top of the samples. The testing results for Beam 1 and Beam 2 are discussed below.

Presence of glass fibre: The cement mix used for this project was containing glass fibre as a mixing constituent. From the testing results it also been seen that the average loads vary with the presence of glass fibre in the mix. The effect of % glass fibre on the average load and the average load of first crack initiation is given in Table 12.

Finally, it can be concluded that the cement mixtures corresponding to 20% Metakaolin and 0.137 wt % Glass fibre was the hardest samples amongst all grades of cement mixtures. Therefore, Metakaolin can be used as partial replacement to cement to achieve improved physical properties such as bending strengths, point of first crack initiation.

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