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Proposal for Intercity Express Project (IEP)

Introduction and Background:

The Intercity Express Project (IEP) is an initiative of the Department for Transport (DfT) of the United Kingdom to introduce a fleet of next-generation long-distance trains to replace the existing high speed Trains (HST) [1-4]. The existing HSTs have been the mainstay for UK rail network for over three decades due to their number of positive features, and have been recognised as the most successful train in the UK in the past five decades [5]. IEP is aimed to replace current high speed trains as most of them are approaching thirty years of service. The future IEP trains are aimed to possess some significant design, energy, environmental, efficiency and safety benefits, and will be in use for the next thirty years [1,3]. A technical specification of the IEP trains has already been issued by DfT. The Department for Transport has aimed for 1500 IEP trains for the new fleet, and have set approximately GBP 2.5 billion as the total cost for this project [3]. The Intercity Express Project is aimed to be fully introduced into UK railway network by 2014 [1-4].



Concluding remarks:

Based on the technical specifications of the IEP trains, laid down by the Department of Transport, it can be well understood that railway network of the United Kingdom is going to achieve rapid improvements in terms of speed, maintenance, reliability, efficiency, remote monitoring, multiple working, eco friendliness, and customer security and satisfaction. A noteworthy planning for the future improvements in various aspects of the current railway system can also be understood from various publications and press releases of the Department of Transport and the Commission for Integrated Transport. However, apart from IEP some other improvements are also necessary to achieve an absolute advancement of the UK railway system. In order to establish a commendable railway transport system for this globe the Intercity Express Project is, therefore, a real-life challenge for different rolling stock industries.

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