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The Entertainment Zone video rental service. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

This report is going to involve the study of a video rental service and the name of the shop is The Entertainment Zone. Every entertainment zone shop has one database assigned to it that cannot be accessed from outside the store. The database contains information on the customer's details and the stock levels. The customer details include the following entities: Name, Address, Telephone number, Membership number, and Credit Card detail. The stock details include the following entities: Title, ex/rental, and status, number of copies in stock, number of copies on loan, price, and genre and age certification.

The system allows searches for customers on name or membership number, and stock on part number and title. The system is used to check out titles on customer accounts as well as checking them back into the entertainment zone. If a customer requests, a title that is not currently available, the store assistant can call another store on the customer's behalf and check to see if that shop has the request. This is very time consuming and a waste of resources. The customer must also hold another account with the particular store in order to rent a video from there.

SSADM would be the better method out of SSADM and Prototyping for creating a new system for the entertainment zone. The reason for this is that SSADM provides a structured analysis and design in order to overcome the identified constraints. Then once the analysis and design stages are complete, the implementation of the system will occur in the video stores. Another reason that SSADM would be a good choice is that SSADM is suited to large systems where a database is primarily used.

A different methodology can be used to overcome the problem of design and implementation because SSADM does not include ways in which to implement a system. Prototyping can be used throughout the implementation. Each individual area can be prototyped first before full implementation of the system to the UK. This would be beneficial as bugs will be present in the system and will need to be fixed as they are spotted from prototyping, also operational problems may occur after implementation and these will need to be fixed before full integration to the UK.

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