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A comparison of three different method for the estimation of dietary intake. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.


Energy intake surveys form an integral part of studies aimed at assessing food security. In the present study three methods especially the 24-hour recall method, the 7-day weighed dietary record method and the duplicate diet method were performed and evaluated for their efficiency to estimate the food intake as accurately as possible. It was found that the duplicate diet method was the best as it involved laboratory analysis of foods for calculation of energy content rather than rely on established tables and websites for the same. Also it was able to predict the exact energy amount consumed which is a very important step in food security survey to assess health.


The advent of different survey methods and software programs has definitely our understanding of nutritional value of foods and also the amount of intake needed to maintain a healthy pattern of life. The three survey methods used in the present study definitely have advantages and disadvantages. After assessing all the three methods it is concluded that the duplicate diet method is the best with respect to accuracy and limited bias.

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