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A critical awareness of future trends and issues is vital for events management professionals

1.0 Executive Summary

This report was commissioned to ascertain if a critical awareness of future trends and issues is vital for events management professionals. In particular, this report has focussed on advances in technology and the impact that they have had on the events management sector. In completing the report, we have looked at the academic literature on the topic and the opinions of scholars thereof; the relevance of technology to events management professionals; and the latest technologies available to event managers and how they can be useful to the profession. The findings of the report are that event management professionals must indeed have a high level of critical awareness on future trends to be successful in today's competitive marketplace. As we progress further into the 21st century, technological demands have quickly outstripped traditional factors such as catering or decor as the premier requirement that clients have, and event managers need to adapt to this need. Technology can also be used in new and innovative ways to find solutions to age-old problems such as ticketing and meeting budgets, and increasingly, it is the ability of event managers to apply such technologies to their business that sets them apart and gives them that competitive edge.

2.0 Introduction

As we progress into the 21st century, event management professionals are finding that more and more they are having to rely on technology to successfully see their events through to completion. With the market attaining maturity and competition increasing, technology has the potential to act as a differentiator and set the best event management professionals apart from the rest. In this report, we will seek to identify and evaluate how critical an awareness of future trends and issues can be for an event management professional in today's marketplace. In doing so, we will specifically look at the latest developments and advancements in technology and identify what effect these can have in the field of event management. The report will look at findings from research papers and articles on current and emerging trends, and based on these will critically analyse the impact of these trends on the profession of event management.

5. Event managers need to be on the lookout for new and innovative ways to solve age-old events management problems such as mass ticketing and meeting budgets. Technology can always be manipulated to provide novel solutions such as m-tickets and viral marketing.

5.0 Conclusion

In conclusion, technology has truly changed the business environment of the event management business. For an event management professional to survive and be successful in this environment, they must embrace technological advances and have the ability to identify where to apply them to maximise the benefits to their business. Comments by industry spectators have made it clear that advanced technology is one of the main requirements and selling points demanded by clients in today's world, and events managers that cannot claim to offer this will lose business fast. Trends identified by trade publications also indicate that the use of technology has allowed events managers to offer richer and more interactive experiences, and enabled them to find viable solutions to problems such as security and payment. We are left to draw the conclusion that an awareness of technological trends and advancements is indeed vital to the modern-day event management professional.

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