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A Discussion of Advertising in the World of Integrated Marketing Communications

I. Introduction

During what now seems to be an ancient era, people would simply turn on the television or flip to a newspaper page and be convinced to buy a particular product or take part in a major event.  Tide Detergent would just produce a straightforward TV spot announcing its new and improved formulation, or a headline screaming "50% Off" at the local mall would be seen in the dailies; instantly, bottles that promised to make white clothes even whiter would fly off the shelves, and mall security would have to take on additional precautions due to overcrowding and lack of parking slots.  That was then, when life was simpler, and consumers had to take a proactive stance to make sure they got the best deals available.

Like any other industry, advertising has to go with the flow of change-and the formation of its IMC posse is proof of that.  At the end of the day, the objective is still to sell; to do this, the process must adapt to the changing nature of the consumer.  If more and more players are flexing their muscles in a smaller field, then the goal always has to be to find a way to stand out, and to get the message across.  This is the effect of IMC, with its complete and no-hold-barred approach to communicating with the consumer.  Then, if the aim of IMC is to create a mindset, it has to apply the updates in technology that consumers are subscribing to, and introduce new ones that would reinforce communication.  Communication, the foundation of IMC, is a never-ending work-in-progress; the world will always find fresh and new media that would ensure response.

Right now, the IMC boy band is at its peak, with more and more wanting to sign up and share in its glory.  But who knows-maybe ten years from now the industry would have found a new star, one that would appeal more to the all-important consumer.  However, since it has proven its star quality and effectiveness at this time, it would be best to adhere to its discipline and benefits.  There has never been a better time to be in advertising than now-and I, as an account executive, would know that.

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