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A profile of a community of place: Caerphilly County Borough, Wales

The purpose of this essay is to offer a community profile of the Caerphilly County Borough in South Wales.  Community profiling is now a common technique by which to assess and describe a particular community, area or group (Hawtin & Percy-Smith, 2007).  Above all, the primary benefit derived from profiling a community is the ability to accurately assess levels of need.  Thus, community profiling is closely linked with wider social service provision such as health, welfare, education and leisure (Ledwith & Campling, 2005). Offering an effective and comprehensive community profile thus allows for effective community action and policy to be carried out.

The profile of Caerphilly County Borough is formed on the basis of wider discussion on community profiling and the differing approaches and methods that can be adopted.  However, before such examination and discussion are undertaken, it is first prudent to briefly define what is meant by the term 'community'.

In conclusion, the above discussion has highlighted in detail the degree to which community development is a complex and diverse subject.  Above all, what is clear is that a wide array of factors and actors need to be taken into account in order for effective profiling to be carried out.  The willingness on the part of central government to instil an ethos of collaboration and cooperation acts as an exemplification of this theoretical progression.

In relation to our case of Caerphilly County Borough, the real need to combine statistical information with that of opinions and sentiments from within the community has been made clear.  Although community profiling is a complex and diverse undertaking, the above discussion exemplifies the degree to which a wide analytical position must be adopted in order for a full and comprehensive examination to be offered.   Indeed, in recent years theoretical and practical processes have moved in this direction.  This is something which should indeed be celebrated.  However, the example of Caerphilly also highlights the extent to which significant levels of alienation and marginalisation have occurred in communities in recent decades.  In order for such negative forces to be effectively countered it is essential that community profiling understand recent developments. The only way that such developments can be effectively understood is for empirical studies to be carried out on the basis of direct community involvement.

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