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A report comparing the functionalities especially the stability and security of windows XP operating system with the Fedora Core 6

1. Introduction

The report outlines the functionalities of both Fedora Core 6.0 and Windows XP operating system which are then compared in order to identify the compatibility and usability issues. The functionalities will possibly include the exploring of stability & security domains with prime focus on document exchanging e.g. word files between the two operating systems.

Fedora Core 6.0 is a freeware operating system that has to some extent achieved the objective of providing the best combination of stability and cutting-edge softwares. Fedora Core - the core Fedora project is a Linux based operating system free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute anywhere and anytime. Fedora basically is a set of projects sponsored by Red Hat and are guided by the Fedora Project Board. These projects are developed by a large community of people who make every effort to provide and maintain the best free open source standards and softwares.

The figure on the next page shows some example of software applications running on these two different platforms and their compatibility with Windows and Fedora based on the data formats.

5. Conclusion

Both of the operating systems are researched to be secure and reliable with strong accessibility and user interface. But still each one of them has some advantages and disadvantages. The Windows XP is still struggling to cope with the security issues when it is compared to Linux based Fedora Core. On the other hand, the Fedora Core is still finding its way to cope up with the compatibility issues when compared to XP. Some of the files like word files and some music files now are possible to use with both these operating systems but there is still a huge scope for improving making the standards universal.

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