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Advertising, Communication and Promotion Management

1.0: Introduction

With the UK mobile phone market estimated at £1,105 million according to a recent Mintel report, and growth expected over the next few years, it is fundamental that Orange ultimately utilise the most effective working practices and operational procedures. With these industry trends continuing, and increased competition from existing, and new entrants expected, it is paramount that Orange conducts a thriving marketing strategy to ensure future profitability and success. Within this report, an interactive marketing strategy will be employed to initiate an enhanced database, better customer targeting, and improved promotional techniques. With Orange already occupying the market leader position, this report will create a strategy to transform its pay-as-you-go customers into the monthly payment scheme option. If the strategy is successful it will enhance brand loyalty, and ultimately improve customer relations, and service. Whilst conducting the report, the following model will be addressed:



2.4: Implementation

As the market leader with a projected budget of £13 million for the marketing communication strategy, it is apparent that the frequency of campaigns, and promotional techniques will be very high. The methods of promotion identified in the previous sections will be utilised at differing times of the year. As the UK mobile phone market doesn't experience trade cycles or seasonality, the marketing programme will demonstrate consistency throughout the year. Mass media advertising will remain the primary source of marketing offered by Orange. These distinct adverts should be placed into the identified media sources (The Sun/The Mirror) on a daily basis, with a quarter page spread in each edition highlighting the benefits of the monthly subscription package. In relation to TV adverts, I would suggest that these are aired frequently during popular programmes associated with the younger generation. Television advertising is very expensive, and airtime would need to be cut to a minimum, however given Orange's budget, I would recommend at least daily adverts during shows such as Hollyoaks, and Eastenders. The direct mailing campaigns should be an ongoing project with promotional offers constantly sent to existing customers. As Orange has got such a large customer database it is impossible to send documents to all of the customers, therefore monthly deals should be posted to a random selection, or if the database was improved a more carefully selected and targeted audience. As for exhibitions, university promotion should be conducted on a weekly basis, with Orange representatives visiting different campuses each day in order to promote the products and services on offer. In terms of other exhibitions and trade shows, this is basically dependent on the schedule of the events. So in conclusion, Orange needs to continuously utilise all of its marketing techniques in order to maximise its brand awareness, profitability, and to meet their objectives. Advertising should be provided on a daily basis, direct mailing is an ongoing scheme however monthly campaigns should be offered, and university visits should be carried out daily.

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