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Annual training programme for Louise Barnes


To create a successful training programme it is imperative that it is based on sound empirical theories and methodology. The specific athlete in this case is Louise Barnes who is a basketball player looking to peak for competition during the months January to April. Before the programme is devised, a needs assessment will be conducted and areas of strength and weakness identified. The annual programme will include five main phases involving 8 months of preparation before the competition phase, concluding with a recovery phase.

During this training phase it is imperative that Louise has adequate rest time to allow for recovery. As such, it is far better to have two training sessions on one day to allow for a full days recovery. It should also be noted that a carbohydrate rich diet should be consumed during this phase (Wilmore and Costill, 1994).

There is evidence to suggest that a four day microcycle is the best to bring about adaptive responses (Paish, 1991), however due to the Manchester Mystics weekly training sessions and matches this is not feasible in this case.

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