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Are there special problems which attach to woman with regard to Human Rights?

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The evolution of Human Rights has been the result of a long, tough process of political, economic and social struggles, which has given rise to the recognition and acceptance that all humans are equal before the law. However, in spite of all the theoretical advances, gender inequality is, in practice, one of the most pressing problems in the current worldwide panorama, both in the countries of the so-called first world and to a greater extent in the less developed ones.

Certainly, a brief review of the positive law worldwide shows many advances in regard to the protection of women which did not exist one century ago. Among the most significant achievements in favour of the development of women are aspects such as greater access to basic education, health services, political events and their incorporation into paid work. The specialist in the subject B. Kliksberg (2003), who is an advisor to organisms such as UNO, UNISEF and the IDB, indicates that the most representative achievements on an international level in the pursuit of gender equality are summarised as follows:

In the second place there is the problem of the exclusion of domestic violence from human rights violations in national legislations. Many countries lack laws which penalise this criminal conduct and those that do have them lack the material resources to enforce them. The controlling role of the state is vital for a timely decrease in the statistics of violent deaths of men and women at the hands of their partners. This involves, on the one hand, facilitating access to justice by the victims and on the other, helping to protect women and their dependents when they flee their homes because of domestic violence.

Lastly, the eradication of the forms of discrimination against women must pass through educating the society. The cultural vision of women as the weaker sex has to disappear as she gains respect and her value is recognized within society. The task of many non-governmental organizations in favour of education in the human rights sphere is opening new paths towards obtaining the true, complete fulfilment of women's and girls' human rights in the world, but there are still many areas to conquer.

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