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Assessment of co-trimoxazole as a treatment for of patients with HIV and Tuberculosis co-infection in Luciarna


As the government minister of public health for the African country of Luciarna, I recommend that co-trimoxazole should be used by primary care physicians as a prophylactic for patients co-infected with HIV and Tuberculosis in our nation. It is also probable that co-trimoxazole can be administered to patients with HIV and other microbial infections.

There is a substantial amount of evidence from scientific research studies conducted in African nations that support the utilisation of co-trimoxazole as a prophylactic in patients with HIV and Tuberculosis co-infection.  The evidence supporting the introduction of co-trimoxazole to Lucinarna will be discussed below.

A clinical trial could also include HIV positive patients co-infected with other microbial infections (or without co-infection) in addition to tuberculosis co-infection, to investigate the mortality rates in other combinations of infections.


It is recommended, based on the data achieved from the study performed by Nunn et al (2008) and on the outcome of further preliminary studies, that co-trimoxazole should be administered in Luciarna by primary care physicians to HIV patients with tuberculosis. After further study, patients with HIV and other microbial infections may also be administered co-trimoxazole.  

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