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Assignment Writing Tips

Essay Writer has carried out a survey amongst our 4,000+ UK writers and enquired which writing techniques work for them when they complete custom assignment writing orders. Various assignment writing tips have been shared and we present the top 10 most common tips from our writing experts!

Essay Writer's Top 10 Assignment Writing Tips:

  1. Know what type of assignment you need to write.
    • Is it an essay, report, coursework, dissertation, literature review?
    • Determine the format for the type of assignment you need to write - any requirements on reference style, use of headings, appendices, graphs, tables, font size?
  2. Understand the assignment.
    • What is required in the assignment?
    • Is there a specific word count you need to follow?
    • Review the marking criteria/guidelines so you know what the assignment markers are looking for.
  3. Organise your thoughts and ideas.
    • The best way to organise your ideas is to create a working outline.
    • How do you intend to answer the assignment?
  4. Research and look further into the ideas you have written down.
    • Note down the important information you have gathered.
    • Segregate your ideas into different categories so you can easily sort out the most useful and relevant ideas from those ideas you are not so positive about.
  5. Prepare the first draft of your assignment.
    • Follow the flow of the outline you have created.
    • Start writing down the information you have gathered and organise these based on your initial outline.
  6. Write the second draft.
    • Write a list of changes you want to make to the first draft.
    • If necessary, rearrange the content of the first draft until your ideas flow logically from one paragraph to the next.
    • Make sure your assignment makes sense and answers the assignment writing requirement!
    • Use formal and proper academic language.
  7. Proofread your work.
    • Check the spelling and grammar. Most word processing software have built-in spell check systems but do not rely on this. Run a thorough check yourself.
    • Review the references used, make sure these are in proper format.
  8. Check your work for unintentional plagiarism.
    • Universities have strict penalties for students caught plagiarising somebody else's work.
    • Make sure all ideas you have gotten from another author is properly credited to that author.
    • Use safe and trustworthy plagiarism scanning software to ensure the originality of your assignment.
  9. Work on the final draft of your assignment.
    • Have as many drafts you think is necessary until you are satisfied with the quality.
    • The final draft should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
    • The final draft should definitely answer the assignment requirements and meet the standard the assignment markers are looking for.
  10. A very useful assignment writing tip is to have a friend run a final check on your final draft.
    • Have a trusted friend review your assignment and get their opinion on the assignment you have just completed.
    • Someone with a fresh and impartial point of view can dispense useful advice on what needs to be improved in your assignment.

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