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This report to the management committee of Turn Green Pre-School is intended for advice on the best practice in the management and running of this unit in an ethnically diverse community like that of Turn Green. The task you have on your hands as management committee is a massive one that requires a high level of dedication and professionalism. To the full satisfaction of your clientele, there are some key issues I wish to bring to your attention to work as a baseline for best practice in this setting.


A loss of role in the child's life is one major challenge parents face the moment the child starts pre-school. Parental involvement therefore becomes the only way of making such a worried / left out parent regain some relevance in what concerns his child. It may also offer chance to a parent who may be experiencing difficulties with his/her child by allowing them chance to share their experiences with the professionals in the pre-school to the benefit of both parties.

It still remains debatable as to the level to which parents should be involved since it poses the danger of eroding the professional role of the staff but this should not compromise the efforts towards improved relations.  A major question though arises in relation to the importance of having personal information concerning every single child. It may not be possible to achieve meaningful cooperation between parent, staff and child where staff do not have access to all the necessary information relating to the child, yet not all parents are ready to offer this kind of information. Likewise, you need to clearly streamline the mode of communication between your staff and the parents since poor communication may instead jeopardise the child/parent/staff relationship. The multi-cultural nature of the Turn Green area also offers an obvious communication challenge considering some parents may not be comfortable with the English Language.

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