2018 Semester 1 Exam Week Tips

Semester 1 is almost over, which means that it is time for major semester exams. Have you been busy preparing for your upcoming exam week? We sure hope you have been studying hard so you can proceed to the Second Semester without any hiccups. The last thing you want is failing a subject that is a prerequisite and getting left behind. Tests should be taken seriously as they are important in achieving your academic goals.

When all the studying has been done, the next goal is to be able to retain information and get some rest so you can somehow be relaxed come exam day. While it is tempting to cram and get as much information as you can, this can be counterproductive.

Practical Tips to Prepare for your Exam Week

Acing or passing your exams is not only about studying during revision week. Having proper preparation the night before and on the day of your tests will give you the confidence and allow you to use your full capabilities.

The day before your exam, refrain from drinking coffee and energy drinks. Prepare the materials that you will bring with you and the outfit you will be wearing so you will have fewer things to worry about. At around 9 pm, put your books and notes down, set your alarm clock, turn off the lights, and try to get as much sleep as you can.

On examination day, wake up early so can calmly get on with your day. Eat a good meal that would keep you energised and full. This does not necessarily mean brain food like fish or peanuts but the food that you truly enjoy. However, don’t overeat or drink too much to avoid feeling uncomfortable and having too many bathroom breaks.

Leave early so you will have ample time to arrive and won’t have to rush toward your testing room. Arriving with time to spare can make you comfortable and calm before taking the exams for the day. Tardiness can be disruptive to the proctor and other testers. The worst thing that could happen is not being able to take the exam at all, which will cause more anxiety and problems that could have been prevented if you just woke up earlier and allotted enough time.

The best of luck on your exams! We hope our practical tips can help you attain great results so you can finish Semester 1 with flying colours. Should you have any academic writing projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will gladly assist you.

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