Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018 – Year of the Dog

It is time to greet our Chinese friends a Xin Nian Kuai Le today, 16th February. China and countries with significant Chinese population will be having yet again 15 days of celebrations for Chinese New Year 2018, their most important holiday, as they welcome the Year of the Dog. Unlike New … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year: Nian Legends and Lessons

Chinese and people of Chinese descent in the UK are about 466,000. Around the world, the estimated count of them who are also called overseas Chinese is 50 million, scattered in 100 countries across almost all continents. That is why Chinese New Year is celebrated in the UK and worldwide. Outside … [Read more...]

Offsetting the Decline in Foreign Student Entrants

The recent HEFCE findings saw a cause for universities to be crestfallen.  After thirty years of steady climb, the UK institutions witnessed its first ever decline in foreign student entrants.  The decline, which is creating issues in universities’ funds, is bad news. The good news is that … [Read more...]

Work and Study in China: Enhancing UK Students’ International Outlook

The support for UK students’ internships and academic scholarships in the world’s second economic powerhouse is indubitably growing. The Minister for Universities and Science, David Willetts, sees this partnership with China as an “exciting” page for UK’s higher education system. This goes to … [Read more...]

More British Students to China for UK’s Global Future

The UK Government aims to increase the number of British students in China. The reason for the initiative is to produce more globally competitive graduates for the future of the economy of Britain. China is being singled out as a priority destination because of its being the fastest growing major … [Read more...]

Number of Chinese Language Assistants in Schools Increase

Education is identified once again as a catalyst for national growth. This time, it is in Scotland's building and fortifying the foundation of stronger engagement with China. The British Council Scotland reported that the number of Chinese language assistants requested by schools in the country have … [Read more...]

How International Alumni Can Help Recruit Foreign Students for UK Universities


International students are an important part of the population that makes up UK higher education institutions. They contribute to the diversity of student life on campus through the experiences, interests and skills they bring, having lived in a different country with its own unique culture. They … [Read more...]