Some Essay Exam Blunders at Oxford University

Writing academic essays at university is a problem to almost all students. It should not be for students in a top university. Apparently, it is. Just like the essay writing of students in other schools, that of some Oxford students demonstrated insufficient basic common sense, difficulty in … [Read more...]

Who Writes Your Essays?

Writing essays, dissertations or any form of academic writing is one important part where university professors assess the learning of students and determine their marks and the degree they earn. Students have difficulty with the writing, research and even the English language itself especially for … [Read more...]

Writing Your Essay With Little Time Left

Why do some students fail in their studies or get low grades? The answer is that they do not get things done on time or, if they do, they have very little left. So why don't they get things done on time? The answers are lack of time management and procrastination. Not all students perfect their time … [Read more...]