Factors for Higher Salaries After Graduation in the UK

Are you among the students obtaining their diplomas this Winter graduation? Are you now ready to join the work force? Fresh graduates do experience a lot of challenges before they land their first job. Realistically speaking, newbies do not get higher pays like tenured ones but did you know that … [Read more...]

How the US Economy Took-In Out-of-College Workers

The declining college numbers is proving to be a global phenomenon. Despite ranking top in the world’s higher education, the US student population is following a downside dip. The percentage of high school graduates opting to enter college decreased. According to the latest government data, … [Read more...]

Underemployment Trend: the Plight of UK’s Graduates

Figures that make up the latest labour market data represent two sides of a coin. The first sounded like a happy tale: there’s the increase of employment digits and the decrease in unemployment and youth unemployment rates. The other side is dismal, particularly for UK’s new graduates. … [Read more...]

Internships and Work Experience as Students Give Graduates Competitive Edge

Internships and work experience as students are a plus factor for graduates when they apply for jobs. This is what results of a study conducted by High Fliers Research say. Based on this year's survey, the chances of graduates who have internships and work experience when they are still studying … [Read more...]

Government Wants Unpaid Internships, Degree Classifications and University Ignored in Recruitment

The UK government has warned companies against putting too much emphasis on experience in unpaid internships, degree classification or university when screening job applicants. Employment aspirants who come from the more privileged background hold an unfair advantage over their less privileged … [Read more...]

Graduates Cautioned Against Staying in Low-Skilled Jobs

Graduates Cautioned Against Staying in Low-Skilled Jobs

In a move brought about by the economic recession, more and more people, including graduates find it difficult to find jobs. Last month, the Office for National Statistics released data suggesting recent degree earners are more likely to find themselves in low-skilled jobs than they were a decade … [Read more...]

Going to University is Still the Best Means to be Successful in Career

The changing times may have resulted in university degrees not being enough to secure a fulfilling career or a job itself for a graduate. However, the academe has coped with the shifting requirements of the job market thereby making formal education still the best means of achieving success in … [Read more...]

UK Unemployment Drops, Private Sector Jobs Reach Peak According to ONS Data

UK Unemployment Drops, Private Sector Jobs Reach Peak According to ONS Data

Unemployment in the UK has registered a drop of 82,000 to 2.51 million between August to October, according to official figures from the Office of National Statistics. It reflected the largest quarterly drop in unemployment statistics since 2001. Employment also rose 40,000 to 29.6 million, the … [Read more...]

Newly Released Figures Reveal Trends on the Future of Students after Graduation

Newly Released Figures Reveal Trends on the Future of Students after Graduation

Recent figures coming from the Office for National Statistics show that formal education might be worth the effort and expense, after all. Graduates will be more likely to find work than those who have not obtained a degree. At the end of last year, statistics show that graduates of all ages who … [Read more...]