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  1. Introduction: Web Development As A Career Path

According to Spearman (2005, p.p. 3, 117) report known as "Get 2006", there is an upswing in the job opportunity in the broader IT field in UK and the rise was about 14.5 percent in 2005. The IT sector is fast recovering after the slow down following the Y2K fear and the September 11 terrorist attack. The growth in the financial sector is leading this business recovery, where IT is an indispensable means. As part of this increase, more jobs are available and continue to expand in, among others, e-commerce, digital media and database. Employment opportunities for IT graduates come from public organizations, IT consultancy and in-house software development companies, and manufacturers. Due to expansion of businesses, employers are taking in more graduate than it used to be few years ago. 

Apart from the business growth, developments in the fields of computer networks and web application architecture are important factors in making web sites and web applications important business medium. With the increasing capability of transport in networks and processing by computers, distributed program architecture is becoming more feasible. Thus, web development including dynamic and data drive web sites, web applications and web services has become an area of specialization in IT.  

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