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CO2 Storage – The lifeline for fossil fuels? Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

1. Background

Increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) is regarded as one of the main causes of anthropogenic climate change. This byproduct from combustion of fossil fuels traps reflection of heat from the Earth back to the Sun, in effect acting as a thermal greenhouse roof surrounding our planet in the Milky Way. Scientists have coupled this to a number of potentially devastating consequences like globally rising sea levels.

The political process to mitigate these threats has come to the spotlight through a series of UN summits. The aim is to reach consensus and binding agreements on a cap limiting the amount of CO2 emitted worldwide. Each nation will have their individual target.

5. Conclusion

CO2 storage is an exciting idea to remove carbon dioxide otherwise headed to the atmosphere from major plants. This paper studied the principles and how it is being used around the world. A special focus was put on the different technical methods.

It was found that oxyfuel provides the best reduction in emissions, in particular as it also diverts nitrogen from the outlet. It is at present more expensive than post combustion and therefore used mostly in very big plants. There is hope that this price can fall as better ways to obtain the necessary purified oxygen are developed. I expect oxyfuel to be the technology of choice for the future.

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