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Combined Heat & Power (CHP)


The conventional power generation systems end up creating heat energy in huge quantities as they go about the process of converting fuel into electric power. For the average utility-sized power plant, more than two-thirds of the energy content of the input fuel is converted to heat. Combined heat and power systems capture the heat energy from electric generation for a wide variety of thermal needs, including hot water, steam and process heating or cooling. A number of benefits such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions reduced ongoing costs and energy conservation would accrue to the world through adopting CHP techniques for power generation.

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures - These help to bundle specific knowledge and access to markets, which normally cannot be found in one single company, thereby ensuring a seamless value chain from development and procurement to sales and operation.

Optimal Sourcing Strategy - It makes sense to pursue a strategy of multi-sourcing for parts and components that are not unique products of a single supplier. On the other hand, single sourcing can bring about considerable discounts on quantity and often favours specific delivery terms and quality requirements.

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