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Contemporary Issues in Event Management

Event management can act as a fundamental part of service delivery for many organisations, thus the focus on contemporary issues that occur within and impact upon the event management industry is an important topic of discussion within this field. This essay will explore key two contemporary issues that make an impact upon the management of events and the consumers that take part in the events. The two issues that will be discussed are firstly, whether the current concerns over healthy eating and the promotion of a healthy nation affect events management and also the accessibility of events: how age, gender, class factors might affect attendance for the events management industry. This essay will critique both issues by referring to theoretical, conceptual and practical examples in order to demonstrate how prevalent these issues actually are within event management. Alongside this discussion will be a critical analysis into the development of these two issues, in reference to their socio-cultural, political and economic contexts, this hopes to further answer whether contemporary issues in events management are really driven by these shifting patterns of leisure consumption. A full conclusion will close the essay with an explanation into, based on the discussion within the essay, the level of impact that the two contemporary issues have upon the management and consumers within the events management industry: as well as reviewing how these issues are developed with regards to the external context.

With obesity rates rising faster than ever, James (2003), health problems and over eating have become prevalent issues in the UK due to behavioural patterns that include decreased physical activity as well as an increase in the consumption of foods with a high concentration of saturated fat. The later part of this section will explore in more depth, the external issues that have led to the development of this important contemporary issue.

However, the issue of accessibility of events in regards to age, gender and class should not be considered as a contemporary issue that affects the events industry too greatly as the events managers target their audience and ensure their audience have access to the event as a natural part of their business practice and may not consider age, gender and class as an issue that is driven by shifting leisure patterns but as a part of understanding their target audience.

As discussed within this essay, there are political, economical and socio-cultural factors which lead to the development of the two contemporary issues that have been analysed within this essay, and therefore in turn affect how the event management industry responds to these contemporary issues.

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