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Contemporary Issues of racism in football, with a detailed insight of male adolescents’ perspective

The subject of racism in football is a controversial and pertinent topic and by investigating further, many issues that underlie this deplorable subject have been raised. These extend far and wide, from the local communities where adolescent footballers start their careers and the social and economic groups they reside in, to the supporters, right up to the institutions that regulate and control the very sport and people it is meant to protect.

The issues that exist in modern football have been extensively written about in recent years (Bains, J. & Patel, R. (1996), Holland, B. (1997), Bonna-Silva, E. & Forman, T. (2000) and McGuire et al, (2001)), to name but a few. There is no shortage of material on the concept of racism and this extends to, though to a substantially lesser degree, from the perspective of male adolescents'.

Research performed by Bonilla-Silva & Forman (2000) concludes that whites believe blacks experience discrimination and they also believe it is due to a small number of prejudiced white individuals. To ameliorate the relationship between black and white and to prevent talented young footballers turning their backs on the national sport, it is clear that something has to be done from the terraces down to the grass roots and to face the issues that of racism in the modern game.

This investigation is not an attempt to bridge the gap in existing literature, nor does it breathe any groundbreaking knowledge into the topic. This research aims to provide an insight into the issues inherent in racism today and to what extent this affects male adolescents. With assistance from key texts and journals located in this review and combining a mixture of, largely qualitative data to 'supplement and illustrate the quantitative data obtained' (Robson, 2002, p.456) it will be possible to gain a greater understanding of the contemporary issues of racism in football, and to understand this from a male adolescents' perspective.

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