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Continued Improvement Developments in an Airworthiness Environment


Today, air transport is one of the safest forms of travel. As air transport began to develop there was a need for a common international initiative to regulate the safety and sustainability of this mode of transport. In December 1944, fifty four of the world's nations became signatories to the "Chicago Convention", the aim of which was to guarantee the safe, regulated and economic development of air transport. The convention established the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations authorized with coordinating and controlling international air travel. ICAO establishes in the terms of the Convention, the rules, regulations and requirements to which each signatory must adhere.

As a signatory of the convention the United Kingdom (UK) must comply with ICAO requirements for air transport. The Civil Aviation Act 1982 is the UK's way of fulfilling its ICAO obligations. This legislation required the creation of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Air Navigation Order (ANO) is the law that sanctions CAA to carry out its duties.

  1. The research is constrained by the availability of and access to current legislations, data on current systems, accounts of fatalities or serious injuries, environmental impact studies, etc.,
  2. Some of the information that is available might be subjective and the investigation may be affected as such,
  3. Some of the information may be confidential and may not be within public reach or knowledge and the completeness of the findings, conclusions and recommendations will be limited by this information, and
  4. Time will constrain the level of information that can be collected for this investigation.


A proposal of the project investigating the current and future state of Continuous Airworthiness Management has been presented. In addition to aiding the civil aviation industry in the UK the research may also serve to shed light on global co-ordination in all aspects of civil aviation which affect safety.

The time frame of the project is set for 6 months and is planned for completion in April 2010.

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