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Cover Letter Writing

Fresh graduates, professionals, and even executives can make use of a well-written cover letter, especially when it comes to being short listed and getting coveted interviews. Cover letters, together with the CV, is one of the most important tools for a successful job hunt. Many people, however, forget this fact and neglect to prepare an effective cover letter.

If you are in the market for a new job, a good cover letter can get you a good start in the hiring process. It can get you through the door and land you an interview where you can further impress your would-be employer. A good cover letter can help you with the following:

Inform the potential employer of your interest in the position
Inform the employer of your skills relevant to the position you are applying for
Showcase your strengths as an applicant
Demonstrate your possible contribution to their organisation
Show your professionalism
Set you apart from the rest of the applicant pool


Cover letters are the first thing that employers look at. It should be able to hook them in and merit a closer look into your CV or resume. If you find yourself unable to come up with a cover letter which, in your opinion, can set you apart from your competition, then you may consider our cover letter writing service.

Essay Writer offers cover letter writing for both professionals and fresh graduates who are in the market for new employment. Our team of expert writers can and will help you come up with an effective cover letter - one that will get you noticed, shine a light on your strengths, and grant you a spot for an interview.

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