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Creativity plays an important role in society: Discuss with reference to at least two artists

This essay will aim to look at the works of three performance artists, namely Christo and Jean Claude and the Australian artist Stelarc; in relation to how creativity plays an important role in society.

 It is most interesting to look at the works of these artists when questioning the importance of societal creativity as they deal with the fundamentals of human existence, shedding new light on our perceptions of the norm, through creative means. Christo and Jean Claude deal with our perceptions of what is around us, namely buildings and landscapes and ask us to visual them in a new light through their art works.  Stelarc questions the sustainability of the human body through his per formative integration of technologies with the living body. All of these artists use creativity as a means to open up our world and question our perceptions, highlighting the fact that without creativity, society would not be as advanced or innovative as it is.

 Stelarc is highlighting how advanced we have become as human beings in the field of technologies and showing how our bodies have not yet caught up with this advancement. He is also hinting at a future which could see a symbiosis of the two, where our bodies could react to the world around us.

This work highlights how important creativity is to society, as through the work of these performers, we can appreciate the world we live in today, as well as being made aware of what we could become.

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