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Critical evaluation of falls prevention education to staff within residential homes: An analytical report. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.


Falls and their consequences especially in residential homes are a leading cause of death in elderly population especially people 75 years and older and it represents a major cause of   disability in older people, posing a serious threat to their health and well being and about  one third to one half of the  people aged over 65 fall each year. (National Service Framework(NSF) for Older People, 2001).  They place a major burden on the family members, making excessive demands on the health care professionals especially the nursing staff and strain on the resources of institutions (Davis, 1995).


To summarise, it's very common in old age to fall and their stability and tendency to fall is very much widely recognized and sometimes rightly or wrongly accepted as a fact of the ageing process. Falling, among elderly population has got an impact on the quality of life, health and healthcare costs.Most of the time the assessment of treatable problems is delayed, which could result in permanent disability and dependence. There are many significant medical, social and economic consequences that could follow from this kind of tendency of old people to fall and this is very important with the potential increase in the number elderly people especially the very old people especially in residential homes and old age homes(Downton,1993).With a problem of the magnitude of falls amongst elderly people in residential homes ,with the functional and economic consequences that have been demonstrated, thought needs to be given to whether either falls or their consequences can be prevented.  . It has been found that although primary prevention of falls and their complications is a mammoth task and may not in practice be cost effective, consideration of the various aspects of primary prevention is useful to provide pointers towards areas which could provide benefits for elderly fallers and potential fallers.

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