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Custom English Essays

Communication and criticism - these are the two C's familiar to students reading English. To ensure that these two become well-developed, a combination of prose and verse in varying genres is set out for analysis and interpretation.

Furthermore, students are expected to also look at linguistics to discover how language is best used and the meaning optimised. Exhibiting these insights through essays is the last step towards encapsulating findings and serves as a tangible proof of students' comprehension level.

For further guidance, students are encouraged to optimise Essay Writer's Custom English Essays. Prepared by professional researchers and writers, these bespoken pieces have the immense potential to help students improve their essay writing ideas and drafts.

And for those who are opting for topics other than electronics (but relevant still) may have their fills of these selections:

Additional features come in the form of these two:

  1. Historical context. The selection of words and the reflected reality of a given text are just some of the basic inputs required to extract the author's milieu and zeitgeist. These two are crucial elements that could depict well the historical context painted by the texts. To complete this, an essay also has to integrate relevant references.

  2. Social context. The same can be said of a given text's social context; however, this facet is highly inclined to focus more on the patterns of collective behaviour exhibited by the society. The essay, therefore, attempts to produce a societal characterisation.


These are just two of the most sought-for attributes Essay Writer's Custom English Essays possess. The beauty in these two is that through it, students have less trouble siphoning the contribution of the prose or verse to its intended and unintended recipients. Consequently, the bespoken essays provide a good means to illustrate how contribution is extracted from texts, as well as, how to support it with facts and sound interpretation.

In faithful keeping to the essay's linguistic-orientation, the essay is guaranteed to meet the following metrics:

  • Grammatical convention. Professional writers assigned to prepare the customised essays are carefully filtered. Despite their proficiency, up-to-date software packages are utilised to ensure that no error comes unnoticed or uncorrected.

  • Academic tone. Unlike other forms of writing (eg, creative writing), English Essays are geared towards one reader: the evaluating tutor. Hence, most essays are furnished through the academic tone, dropping behind clichés or slangs.


The rest of the invaluable attributes you would love to have in your customised essays comes in the form of guarantees. There is the guarantee that's meant to address the difficulty for finding references. Another is for ensuring that references accurately make up the list of references, as well as, in-text citations. Interestingly, Essay Writer proffers free access to its user-friendly Harvard Referencing Generator tool.

The complete list and details of Essay Writer's guarantees are presented in a separate page. Click here. For those who want to ascertain the good rapport of this customised essay provider, they may proceed to the Testimonials page, or even refer to their peers.

Beginning one's essay writing routine with these Custom English Essays is a good investment. Make this option work for you by leaving us an email message of your request, or contact us via phone and live chat.

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