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Design: Speed Controller

2. Product Design Specification: Speed Controller

In order to increase on site efficiency a more effective method of removing waste from apartment construction sites is needed. It is desired that a load of 100kg can be removed at a time, efficiently but slowly and with enough control to not create any safety concerns. The starting point of the design is a sprocket and chain to which the bucket is then attached. The speed control must be portable and be able to attach to a pole secured to a wall with a carabina.


It is also necessary that the brakes are used to stop the bucket. In case of slippage of the disc brakes leading to a sudden acceleration of the load the actuator must be able to supply an increased force.

For example:

If the brake slips for 1second the load will accelerate to 10m/s. In order to reduce the speed of this safely, for example in 1second then the acceleration required is 10m/s2. This approximately doubles the force required by the actuator. For this safety concerns it is advisable to increase the force the actuator can provide to 1344N.

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