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Discuss Model Driven Web Development with Visual Programming Languages?

Web-based systems have constantly grown in complexity and size that has lead to project delays, poor quality and aborted implementations. Key problematic areas are development, deployment, operation, maintenance and quality of web systems. This has resulted in Web Engineering which helps to address the unique needs and challenges of complex and large Web-based systems development.

One of the processes being used for the development of web based applications is the Model-driven development process. Bran Selic (2006) defines Model Driven Development (MDD) as "a software development approach where models become essential artifacts of the development process, rather than serving an inessential supporting purpose".

Tersus employs MDD concepts and is particularly suited to web development. However, efforts are required to extend Tersus to Domain Specific Social Network language (DSSN). Author recommends usage of Tersus in current development project with the aim to generate repository of recurring patterns, models and interactions. This can then be incorporated within the language to reduce further development efforts.

Author further recommends usage of Scrum, AM and AUP techniques for proposed project.

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