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Discuss the view that the National Health Service treats sickness rather than promoting health.

This essay shall provide a brief discussion into the role and action of the National Health Service (NHS) within British society today. It shall formulate an analysis into how it serves and treats its clients hoping to show the ways its deals with both sickness and health as concepts relating to patient care and aftercare.

Established in 1948 post world war Britain, the NHS was formulated as a service which would be free and open to the whole of the British populace. It offered a service by which

The view of health as the absence of illness seems to also affect its treatment, a patient who appears healthy provides few demands upon the NHS.

But as discussed, recent trends of heightened awareness into a healthier lifestyle seem to be reflected in the governmental promotion of health and national campaigns which aim to educate the British public. Through the NHS, promotion of health provided by NHS practitioners can be witnessed in the prevalence of 'medical opinions' and open condemnation of poor health practices i.e. smoking or a poor diet, which although not overtly high profile it provides an opportunity by which a patient may obtain information and guidance on how to conduct a healthier lifestyle.

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