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Struggling with your Dissertation Abstract?

Completing the dissertation piece represents a lot of things. It could infer a challenge that is now conquered, or a storm you've endured. It could highlight the transition from student to researcher. Ultimately, it means it's time to write your dissertation abstract.

The abstract is, probably, one of the shortest pieces of text among the rest of the dissertation chapters. And while its word count is the least, composing it is a challenge in itself. The conservative length makes it so condensed.

Evidently, the struggle lies in the method. Students are expected to pay attention to the content; they have to ensure that only the most relevant and required details are included. When it comes to composing the abstract, it's just dangerous to mumble, wander, or generalise.

Hence, to compose a good dissertation abstract, students must stay well-guided. They must focus on the following elements:

  • Purpose. This part could be derived right out of the chapter on the significance of the study. Sometimes, students are permitted to add real-life scenarios that represent the implications of the study and strengthen its purpose.

  • Research questions. Every research study has its own set of research questions; these are commonly found in a dissertation chapter called problem statement.

  • Derived conclusions. Abstracts must always include conclusions. Yet, in most cases, students inadvertently drop this part. Hence, it is best to remind oneself that dissertation abstracts actually mirror the whole dissertation piece.

  • Methodology used. The rationale for choosing the methodology employed need not be included. Rather, students must focus on integrating the methodology in the context of presenting its derived conclusion.

Most abstracts do not only possess these elements; it is also predominantly written using the passive voice.

As the leading writing service provider, Essay Writer has committed itself to facilitate students' progressive abstract composition. The provider, through its in-house professionals, is able to proffer expert guidance in tackling dissertation abstracts - from the first draft to the last.

If you have the elements and can't seem to make a cohesive composition, you can take it here. Or, if you were able to furnish a rough draft but find that polishing it is impossible, you can also have the dissertation abstract here for proofreading or critique. Our writers can even come up with suggested methods of revision!

Working with Essay Writer should help you finish the abstract in no time. This saved time can, therefore, be used to prepare for the defence of your piece, to catch on other paperworks, or lost hours of sleep. Ultimately, working with a partner guarantees a better writing experience. It permits sufficient space for students to rethink and allows them to get more critical with the texts.

The abstract is the students' chance of concocting an ideal and interesting perception about their research study. Hence, students cannot afford to take it for granted or leave it severely unpolished. With a bit of help, they can avoid such scenarios.

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