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Dissertation Chapters

The main components of a dissertation are divided into dissertation chapters. These chapters provide an outline or structure for the paper, allowing the researcher to present the thesis, background of the study and any supporting information, and the findings and conclusions to the readers in a comprehensive and comprehensible manner.

Generally, there are five major chapters in a dissertation; however, this may vary depending on the professor or the field of study involved. Here are the five major chapters in dissertation writing:


  • Introduction
    The introduction presents the study, its background, and the thesis of the study. This is where the researcher introduces the problem that is to be addressed by the study.
  • Literature Review
    The literature review provides the supporting information required for the study.
  • Methodology
    This dissertation chapter lays out the approach and techniques used in conducting the research. Information on the respondents, the scope of the study, and the system or devices used to gather information are also presented.
  • Results
    This chapter shows the results and findings derived from the study conducted. A discussion on the relevance of the findings and how these said findings relate to the thesis is also presented.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
    This dissertation chapter provides a summary of the highlights of the study, offering a final deduction based on the results. Recommendations based on the findings and conclusions are also presented.


The dissertation chapters are the general parts of a dissertation; some of the information presented in these chapters is also normally reflected in the proposal on which the dissertation is based.


For help in the proper structure or outline of the chapters in a dissertation, students can refer to sample dissertations or those already available in their local or university libraries.


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