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Dissertation Conclusion

In academic papers, conclusions generally provide a summary of the main ideas discussed in the paper, and also offer a final comment on the topic. For dissertation writing however, the dissertation conclusion is more complex.

The dissertation conclusion presents the information gleaned from the results of the study as well as the significance of the said results. It shows a summary of the findings, provides the final inferences based on the said findings and answers to the problem or thesis of the study.

Dissertation conclusions should provide clear and concise descriptions of the research results. Writing this section requires planning and thorough examination of the completed study, so it is recommended that the dissertation conclusion be written after the main body of the dissertation has been completed. Other points to consider when writing the dissertation conclusion are:


  • No new information or material should be mentioned in the dissertation conclusion. This section of the study should only provide a summary of the findings and the deductions made based on those findings.
  • Key information should be highlighted; any issues or problems not answered should also be addressed.
  • The problems the study intends to address, or the main thesis of the dissertation, should be addressed thoroughly in this section.


The dissertation conclusion should prove the significance of the dissertation and provide closure to the problem or thesis of the study. Remember, recommendations on further study can then be derived from this section, so students should make sure to thoroughly settle all problems addressed in the study.


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