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Dissertation Findings

The section on the dissertation findings presents the results of the study. This section, located after the dissertation methodology, reflects the data collected as part of the study, as well as the information derived from said data.

In dissertation writing, the findings may show both quantitative and qualitative data. A summary of the information gathered, as it relates to the thesis and the literature review, may also be provided.


When writing the dissertation findings, students may come across several difficulties. Here are a few things students can keep in mind to avoid mistakes when writing the dissertation findings:


  • Avoid including all the raw data. The raw data collected may be summarised in tabular format so as to present the information concisely.
  • Avoid including too many graphics. A graphical representation of the data may be included; however, the use of said graphics should be kept to a minimum. Any additional graphical information may be included in the dissertation appendices.
  • Do not ignore the negative results. Results, be they negative or otherwise, need to be analysed and presented. Students should remember that a study can produce unexpected results and that they should still present the said results objectively.


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