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Dissertation Introduction

In dissertation writing, the dissertation introduction gives the reader a brief overview on the purpose of the study. It sets the stage for the chapters presented after it. The dissertation introduction offers a synopsis of the purpose of the study, the problem, and also provides an explanation as to why the study was conducted.

A comprehensive dissertation introduction should contain the following:


  • Background. The researcher should provide readers information on why the research is being conducted.
  • Focus of the Research. A brief discussion on the main point or purpose of the research should be present.
  • The Research Problem and Sub-Problems. The overall aim of the research, as well as the specific research objectives should also be provided in the dissertation introduction. This will give readers an idea on the exact areas you wish to delve into.
  • The Value of the Study. The significance of the study and its results should be provided in the introduction. The researcher should specify why the study is worth doing.


The items listed above are the general contents of a dissertation introduction. When preparing this part of the dissertation, students can consult their previous dissertation proposal to get a refresher on the points that need to be discussed.


Students can gain more insight into the proper way of preparing a dissertation introduction through Dissertation Introduction Samples.

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