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Dissertation Methodology

The research or dissertation methodology is a vital part of dissertation writing. The dissertation methodology maps out the structure for the study. It illustrates the steps and the approach used to achieve the results of the study and any conclusions derived based on it.

The dissertation methodology describes the means through which the researcher intends to gather data to address the dissertation topic and answer the questions being tackled in the study; it also describes the methods utilised in analysing the data.


This part of the dissertation, which is also presented in the dissertation proposal, defines the following aspects of the study:


  • The scope of the study, detailing the environment from which data is to be gathered
  • The procedures that were employed in conducting the study
  • The materials used for gathering the data
  • Any calculations, equipment, and calibration points if applicable


The dissertation methodology can show if a study was conducted thoroughly and if the data was gathered through the proper channels. It also shows if the raw figures gathered were used in the appropriate manner. A clear presentation of the procedures, techniques, and methods used in conducting the study can help add to the credibility of the study and its results.



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