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E-Business Strategy

Executive Summary:

The report presents an overview of the e-commerce business conducted by the Dell Inc around the world. The technologies, its uses and the website design principles it adheres to. The report is divided into two sections; the first section critically evaluates the Dell's website in terms of the context of use, usability, page layout, navigation, and information content. The author recommends some legal and ethical issues which are to be addressed while implementing an e-commerce business.


The report discussed two aspects of the e-commerce business conducted by Dell Inc, through its website. The first part of the report was concerned with the critical evaluation of the e-business through its website. This section also addresses the legal and ethical issues which are to be addressed in implementing and maintaining a e-commerce website. The author has specifically discussed the issues of privacy, intellectual rights, censorship and protection against fraud. The author recommends the e-commerce organisation to take responsibility for providing the appropriate level of privacy required in the system. It should also take the responsibility of protecting the users against any fraud through financial transactions.
In the second part of the report, the author has analysed the business models applied by Dell Inc's website and the technologies supporting them.

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