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E-Customer Relationship Management

Churn Analysis

Churn analysis essentially deals with analysing the group of customers who have broken through from one company and joined the competitor or would be doing so in near future. It is imperative for companies to maintain the loyalty of their customer base which is also the basis of branding of products and services. But in some cases, customers are found not to be satisfied with the level of service that the company provides and are leaving or would be leaving it for joining the customer base of any other company's customer base. (Borna, C., 2000)

In some cases, the data mining techniques may involve heuristics when the amount of data to be analysed is huge typically in the case of scientific computing where the data is in the range of tera-bytes. It is not the case in terms of OLAP or query reporting which gives an actual account of the data which is analysed. The higher end methodologies are used to develop fine tuned business strategies through the use of sensitivity analysis and predictive modelling which differs from those techniques which merely attempt to uncover patterns and relationships in more generic and often voluminous data. One could consider directed data mining methodologies as part of the information mining spectrum.

A major difference between query reporting and data mining is that it is interactive querying of the database which delivers powerful query, analysis and reporting capability of the database. It can be used to analyse database through an intuitive and highly interactive interface that also lets users design their own dashboards which is not the case in the data mining approach. The data mining is a complete approach in the sense that it definitely allows user inputs but only after the whole analysis is being performed. Another aspect of difference is in the level of mining of the data. Generally, data mining is performed on the whole of the database to find the hidden patterns which are not obvious from the simple querying of the database while query reporting is generally performed on certain section of the data base looking

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