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ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT – Small Scale Hydropower Turbines


The eco-friendly product concepts that shall be outlined are relating to providing solutions for electricity provision to remote landlocked communities. These communities may be in developing or developed countries. The assumption will be that it is too costly, financially and environmentally, to bring grid-based electricity to these communities. The typical community would have good degree of self reliance for agriculture, local industry food provision and education.

However, the absence of this project would hamper the future growth of the community and its ability to feed itself (as hydropower is important for basic industrial functions such as food processing and milling), run its small scale business, and retention of skilled labour. Another important issue, which is relevant today in the face of global warming, is hydropower project's input in mitigating drought and flood conditions.


From the evidence of previous projects, the Gorlov turbine has so far proved to be a success for town based projects for high flow rivers and where poor availability of expertise and parts hampers maintenance of a successful hydropower project with traditional turbine designs (NRDC, 2005).

I proposed this design to serve an even smaller scale usage with even less impact on the environment. Learning from other appropriate technology projects, such as wind farms using local or re-used materials, it is possible to mobilise a skilled community to perform paradigm shifting engineering projects that drastically improve their quality of living. This holds true for the Gorlov turbine application.

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