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Elderly People and Their Views from a Hospital Bed: An Ethnography

Introduction and Outline

The people in an old peoples' home were visited by me to investigate the ways in which culture and cultural meaning played a part in the reality of their social situation. Accounts were taken in relation to the cultural significance of certain facets of their lives so that a qualitative examination of their world view could be examined from the perspective of an ethnographical analysis. Names were taken and particular accounts were extracted from the various thoughts and discussions of the people in relation to the specific topic of stereotypes and were subsequently examined through factors pertaining to discourse analysis and social research. Open conversations within the home were documented on that day. This was so that there could be a certain bulk of general qualitative information that could be chosen during the ethnography. This was essentially a qualitative assessment that took into account discourse analysis and used certain examples of the general conversation to achieve the task.


In conclusion to the day spent at the home with the three people who resided there, it could probably be said that generalising through various stereotypes based upon different levels of social bonds formed throughout cultural life was prevalent. It would appear that there are various cultural factors at work in the perspectives of the people of the home, such as those relating to the social, traditional and ideological, which have a deep impact upon the perception of both the world and of other people. Through the cultural and ethnic stereotypes that make up such perceptions we could also see the way in which these perspectives were validated and justified in the minds of the people from the home.

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