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Equal opportunities and managing the diversity focusing on Women since 1970’s. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.


The significance of Human Resource Management (HRM) cannot be overemphasized in the UK and globally; however, the pace of HRM development, knowledge and theory seem to have varied considerably with the different aspects HRM. This brief will however review an aspect of Human Resource Management (HRM) - statute law and the employment contract focused on equal opportunities and managing the diversity on women since 1970's. The relevant literature on statute law and the employment contract is reviewed; factors inhibiting Equal opportunities are signposted and a contemporary view is upheld.

Although, presently, the perception is that statutory incorporated terms covered by the Equal Pay Act as amended by the Equal Pay (Amendment) Regulations of 1980 is now being assumed to be substantial and far reaching in their applications in relation managing the diversity focusing on women since 1970's. This brief is of the view that the Equal Opportunity Commission alone is not sufficiently holistic to completely accommodate and/or address issues of diversity focussing on women since the 1970's. It is pertinent to note however that this concluding view is being informed by contemporary statistical trends evident in the literature e.g. less than 1% of women attain management positions, and the number of women holding parliamentary positions is no exception - souring - a view currently been echoed by the newly elected leader of the Conservative Party, Mr David Cameron).

In light of the aforementioned this brief would like to conclude that in addition to the evolution of the 1970 Equal Pay Act and the 1983 Amendment Act, the government must establish a accessible framework for monitoring and enforcing Acts of Parliament and at the same time foster 21st Century advertisements to signpost in a ranking other local, national and international organisations based on the yearly performance and overall sustainability of equal opportunity and managing the diversity focussing on women - a contemporary redress.

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