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Classics Essay Examples

Whatever level you are at in studying the Classics, you can expect to be given essays as part of your coursework. These will let your tutors determine your level of understanding of the course material and give them an idea of a student's capabilities. A good Classics essay should be able to present its writer in a good light as having the following skills and abilities:


  • Organising one's thoughts
  • Responding in a critical and personal manner to a specific problem or issue
  • Finding relevant information through research
  • Using relevant information to support an argument
  • Presenting arguments in a structured and logical manner


An essay on the Classics can be given as a separate assignment or as an exam question. Usually, their introduction is a question or topic that poses a problem to be examined or issues to consider. One of the key factors that the marker will look for in the essay is how well you are able to cover the extent of the question or topic. In this case the words you choose and how you use them is important.

Essay Writer presents you with the following tips on writing Classics essays based on our experience of producing Classics essay examples that have helped thousands of students all over the UK be successful in their courses.

The first thing you should do when the question is given is evaluate it. Figure out what is being asked of you and decide you how you will satisfy these requirements. Ask the tutor if you have doubts because if you do not get this step right you could be having the wrong approach to the question, which will likely cause you to give irrelevant information or arguments. Doing so will lead you to get low marks, even though you know the topic well.

Look for key words in the question, which can be of two types:


  • Instructional. Words that ask you to give your analysis or opinion on the topic by describing, discussing, comparing, contrasting and examining it or its aspects.
  • Conceptual. Ideas and topics you will research on such as societies, periods, heroism, classes, gender, philosophers, etc.


While thinking about these key words and how they link to the question, you may consider rewriting the essay based on your own understanding. You can even break it down into sub-topics if you feel there are many aspects to the question you will need to cover. Consider also the given assumptions in the question, if any. If you choose to disagree with this assumption, make strong arguments that will support your position and support these with strong pieces of evidence.

Plan the contents of your essay around a three-part structure:


  • Introduction. It should be direct and concise. In this part you will show your understanding of the question or topic by stating its overall meaning. This part also contains the central argument in your essay and by what manner, whether through argument, evidence or both, you intend to develop that argument.
  • Body. This is made up of a number of paragraphs presenting your ideas or arguments that address the question's requirements. These paragraphs are logically connected to each other and when taken together, will all lead back to the central argument. Each paragraph should contain transitional statements or phrases to guide the reader as you go on to discuss one idea after another.
  • Conclusion. This is where you restate your main argument and present it in a deeper context following the arguments and ideas you have just laid out in the body of the essay. In this part, you can also suggest how future researchers might add to the knowledge you have already provided and which aspects of the topic or question needs further research or investigation.


If you are unsure about which direction to take in writing your Classics essay, be guided by experts on the classics using Essay Writer's Classics essay examples. Contact us via telephone, email or chat and we will assign the most qualified researcher to write on your specific topic.

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