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Economics Essay Examples

Economics essay examples can benefit students in various ways. They can serve as a guide for students on how to address a question, how to arrange thoughts logically, how to write in the standard suitable for your level of study, and how to get as many marks as possible for a question.

Essay Writer's writers and researchers have been producing essay examples for students taking Economics subjects at academic institutions all over the UK since 2001. From this experience, we are sharing the following tips with you on how to write Economics essays:


  • Do preliminary research. Identify the books, journals and other reference materials you will use as basis for your essay. Tutors often give a recommended reading list for assignments. This, along with your lecture notes and core reference materials should put your research to a good start.
  • Answer the question. Does everything you put in your essay count as an answer? Not necessarily. There are times when students write well and have a good knowledge of economic principles and theory but still fail to get high marks. It is because they did not directly answer the information being asked in the question or the data they have given is irrelevant.
  • Provide relevant details. Identify central issues which will become the main points of the essay as well as peripheral issues or additional points. As you do research, think of the issues you think are relevant, and which issues are central to answering the question. Explain your points in detail and provide supporting data when necessary. Show your understanding of the topic by providing a comprehensive discussion and use appropriate reference materials.
  • Create an essay structure. Create an introduction, body and conclusion which creates a logical presentation of your ideas and points of discussion. Use headings and sub-headings where appropriate and to make it easier for the marker to follow the trail of your thoughts and arguments.
  • Write clearly and concisely. Convey your ideas using direct words and do not use words that are difficult to understand, as well as complicated sentences. Even if you have the right approach to the topic and are using the correct sources, if you are unable to explain your points of discussion adequately or your discussion is difficult to follow this will seem like you do not fully understand the topic, which may cause the marker to give you low marks.
  • Use the proper methods and detail. Use a diagram or model if it will add credibility to or enhance your essay. These are integrated into the discussion and not simply mentioned or drawn. Make sure the details of your discussion are appropriate to your level of study. Your sources should also correspond to the reading list recommended for your level.


Most importantly, never plagiarise in any of your academic assignments. Do not try to pass off someone else's work or idea as your own. You can quote a source if it adds to or illustrates a point you are discussing. However, avoid quoting large blocks of material as it shows you do not understand the topic enough to be able to state points and arguments in your own words.

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